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@shoescherie, our very own former PR girl shares why the clog is so amazingly noisy and easy to wear.


Say it out loud, and that’s pretty much the sound it makes. No other shoe style is named after its audible like the “clog”. Makes perfect sense once you take notice that it’s the shoe most linked to the movements that made noise in the 70’s. The clog was one of the ‘it’ fashion items emblematic of its generation’s free spirit. Liberated women the world over loved it for its true fashion-meets-function-meets-‘listen-up’ appeal. As if its trailblazing steps weren’t enough it’s also the first shoe ever launched by ALDO back in 1972. The Frida clog instantly became a landmark shoe in a landmark era – putting ALDO on the map. And so it seems fitting that this style be as deservingly vocal given its place in ALDO history and the movements it accompanied .

Aside from my fashion belief that the clog is NOT retro but a timeless staple, the Frida has been updated with luxe leather and a narrow silhouette perched a lighter wooden sole, its classic cachet is accentuated with metal studs and a gold stamp of authenticity commemorating the original (#throwback) ALDO logo. And don’t let the comfort fool you – they’ve got the swag of Faye Dunaway playing chess with Steve McQueen in the Thomas Crown Affair. Like Faye in the movie, clogs are sensibly seductive with the wit to suit every occasion.

Encapsulating the independent and creative spirit of the individual, the Frida clog continues to inspire change from the ground up. There’s as many ways to wear as the years it’s been around, but here are our choice #clog (#ootd) faves:

Grab your leather jacket and some camo, or switch out the camo for denim and this mix says modern – because you understand the complexity of balancing; fighting for our rights with the need for peace.

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Girls! Above all else, ask anyone who knows me, I love a classically feminine look. I subscribe to the belief that our greatest strength is in our gender’s distinguishing flair. I call nabbing this look “girl roulette “ (I’ve tested it myself – this game is fool-proof)– take any item from your closet that you think is girly, i.e. dresses or flirty skirts and slip into your clogs- and voilà, it’s a perfect match, each and every single time!

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No one does simplicity of design with effortless ease like the Olsen twins. To capture their famed put-together-while looking all #iwokeuplikethis focus on the shape of things. Opt for clothes with clean lines, keep an eye out for symmetry and geometry along with one colour statement or big bold colour blocking. Paired with clogs it says ‘I’m not trying but I make you want to try – don’t I?’

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Are you seeing this look going, oh man how is it that not EVERYONE is wearing clogs to music festivals – like always?! I mean, there is no greater partner to the denim cut-offs and tour t-shirt/ironic tank combo. The clog’s comf factor makes it so you’re good for a full day of ‘where was it that your friend texted she was at?’ Oh, and should the Woodstock force be strong within you, they slip off with ease for that impromptu feet-to-the-earth dance sesh soon to go viral on youtube.

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The thing to love the most about the clog  is how easy it is to wear. To ask “what do you wear clogs with?” is practically a trick question – the answer is everything! A good starter rule of thumb is practice adding the clog to the items you think are classic staples. Once you’ve added them to your jeans and a shirt rotation – you’ll quickly see how perfect they are for every day wear.

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