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May 20, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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EXPLORER: Michael Di Staulo
STATUS: PR Project Manager
INTEL: A collector of some sort who never stops & never sleeps; lives on UK pop music and believes in always leaving a lasting impression
DESTINATION: Los Angeles, California

One of our very own PR gurus Michael, described in three words: effortlessly-cool, passionate and authentic. Okay, in four, FABULOUS. With a light denim jacket, his trusted black skinny jeans, an ironic t-shirt and white on white leather Mr.B’s slip-ons, he headed west for an insta-adventure to the city of angels (and beaches, and iced coffees, and ultra-vibrant street art)… Here are his personal hot spots in L.A:

A tourist trap in itself, but one of my favourite places to people watch. With the ocean on one-side and graffitied shops on the other, there is so much to visually take in.

Trek from Venice Beach to Muscle Beach, where you can watch amateur acrobats show-off their stuff on any day of the week. With the pier in the distance and at the right time of day, the view is picturesque.
* If physical activity gets you down cheer yourself up by stopping at “Hot Dog On A Stick”, it works every time.


A must for anyone into fashion! The beautifully designed boutiques are all lined-up in a row making it easy to navigate from one dream scape to the other.
* Be sure to stop by our own shop at 404 N Beverly Drive 


For some authentic Japanese fun, I would head to Japanese Village Plaza. Filled with speciality boutiques and an array of authentic restaurants and cafés, there is something for everyone.
*If you’re an animé lover (like myself) stop by Animé Jungle, a store filled with wall-to-all memorabilia; honestly you’ll find anything that your heart desires… The bestie and me almost broke the bank!

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