About Her:

@shoescherie a.k.a Kathy Acimovic, current senior strategist and former ALDO PR girl, is all about the shoe life. Particularly when it comes to footwear taking you higher and, allowing you to confidently take the steps you were meant to take. When she's not wearing ALDO shoes she's bare foot at Bikram or clipped-in to a spin bike. And when she's not at ALDO HQ she's just chilling with the industry's leading creatives.

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Side by Side: Meet Archi

In the summer months, every week around hump day weather talk at the office gets pretty serious.  “Is it gonna be nice THIS weekend?” tends to get blurted out with the similar tone of sudden[...]

Side by Side: SLIP INTO LUXE

When I was in university, many top professors and students boasting 4.0 GPA’s, rocked what seemed to me (at the time), to be the clunkiest sandal-meets-slide-meets-cork concoctions. Their footwear[...]


@shoescherie, our very own former PR girl shares why the clog is so amazingly noisy and easy to wear. Clog. Say it out loud, and that’s pretty much the sound it makes. No other shoe style is named[...]