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Mmmm Burgers.

Suddenly dreaming of a juicy burger? There’s a reason: August 27 is National Burger Day, and everyone is so excited, you’re just electromagnetically picking up on a vibe. Just kidding. Sorta.

Thing is, you don’t want to waste your burger mojo on just any old burger joint. Because there’s burgers, and then there’s BURGERS. You know, that perfect little slider – aka mini burger – that packs all the gourmet punch of a two-hander but that’s dainty enough to eat with red lipstick on? The one that leaves room for three more with slightly different toppings? Yeah, you know the one. That’s our favourite.

If you have the skills to make yourself your own beefy nibble, by all means, do it, and do it right. But if you’re too lazy busy or you just looove to have others prepare your food for you, here are the world’s top sliders you just gotta get your mitts on. Like, now.

1)     A burger palace since 1922, the iconic Cozy Inn in Salina, Kansas, is lauded as the birthplace of the slider. Amen. In their parlance, the mini-burger is simply known as a Cozy burger, and it’s sold mostly in multiples of six (at just over a buck each). You can share (or not). Order yours with cheese, onions and attitude, as it says on the menu.

2)     There’s a reason NYC’s Little Owl sells nearly a thousand meatball sliders a week: they’re frikkin addictively delicious, as much for the perfectly spiced, tender, juicy meat and as for the fresh garlic buns it comes on.

3)     You’re a veggie? Head to Chicago’s Mana Food Bar for the crowd-pleasing brown-rice-and-mushroom sliders, which come with a dollop of spicy mayo on the cutest little buns.

4)     L.A.’s Kogi BBQ food trucks mix Korean barbecue flavours with American comfort food, which means their caramelized short rib sliders come on sweet rolls with toasted sesame mayo, salsa roja, cheese and onion slaw tossed in chile-soy vinaigrette.

5)     Houston, Texas is synonymous with beef, so it makes sense that the sliders at Reef are made from ground whole rib-eye steak and come on a house-baked yeast roll brushed in butter and sea salt. They’re smothered with sweet onions and Sriracha remoulade. Yee haw!


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