Jun 3, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

The boho look is such a style staple that it’s hard to imagine a time before it existed: what did carefree girls who looked amazing in garlands and bell bottoms – who loved to dance with their arms outstretched and tumble to the ground laughing – wear if not a pair of octagonal sunglasses, an armload of bracelets, and a cross body bag? Seriously.

Luckily, modern girls like us will never have to experience that dark age of fashion. Just the opposite, given how much we’re seeing this trend on the runway. Luckily, going boho is as easy as grabbing the right accessories.

We like keeping things groovy with peace earrings, a hand full of rings, gold and beaded bracelets and flatform sandals that pull all those elements together with a cork foot bed and woven detailing. Finish it all off with the piece de resistance: an off-white leather wristlet with a fringe that’ll  sway when you shimmy.

Now all that’s left to do: grab some friends, some libations and a guitar, and head to your nearest green space, where you can sing and dance, and do it all in style, to your hearts content.

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