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Aug 29, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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All statements big and small.

Most people equate “making a statement”, to literal shouting from the rooftops. Or, the modern day soapbox: monologue-ish declarations via YouTube.

Typical translation into the language of style? Statement equals loud - like rocking ultra wild prints or seemingly crazy color mash-ups, or more recently, literal “statements” on your tee.

Now, while we’re all for the flash and the fabulous, we do think there’s something to be said about balancing statements both big and small. Hold the line – when we say small statement, we don’t mean insignificant. A small statement can be subtle and strong, even though it isn’t, well, shouting.

We’ve selected some of our favourite ways to make a statement this season, from those that are more of a whisper, like a statement ring, to the ones that will make you the epicentre of attention, like a structured handbag from this season’s statement collection. The right kind of attention. Trust.

1.   Statement Sleep Masks (04) : even if just you and your French bulldog Henri get to see this one. (available at ALDO Accessories stores)

2.   Statement Coffee Table Books: Molto importante darlings. From the Fashion Box to the little black jacket, it’s a solid seasonal investment. Even if you don’t technically own a coffee table.

3.   Statement Rings (03) : we are ALL about cocktail rings (05) during the day. Wearing one or two with a casual denim + blazer look can pack alotta punch, without even having to spike it.

4.   Statement Phone Case (02): Given our phones are now a part of our anatomy- a statement phone case is probably the easiest way to make a fun, crazy statement, without say, the permanence of a tattoo. Today, we like leopard print.

5.   Statement Red Lip: A simple, striking red lip can speak volumes – without even uttering a word. Yet this red lipstick is in disguise as a pen, so it can in fact scribble a word.

6.   Statement Baubles (07) : We’re not sick of saying it– in fact, we’re sure statement necklaces are only getting better (and more beautiful). Look forward to layering rich toned gem plates over neutral knits this fall.

8.   The Statement Bag (01) : whether it’s a tote, a satchel or a cross body – statement bags this season are taking a clean, modern and spacious approach. Plus, the brushed hardware and texture mixes are bound to be conversation starters. This is a statement we’ll be sporting on the daily.

Whether it’s subtle and personal, or loud and extravagant – choose the statement that’s true to the one and only (you).

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