Rings and Things: Champagne Party

The holidays and champagne go together like mistle and toe, and with every night from now ’til New Year’s booked with yet another fah-bulous soirée, it’s high time to arm yourself with a[...]

Filmspired: Leading Ladies

Television’s powerful leading ladies and their #perfectpair Holidays are almost upon us, and we’re gearing up to binge-watch our faves on Netflix / PVR. Yes, Blair & Serena are still two[...]

Shout Out: The Art of Gift Giving

What the holidays presents you give and receive say about you. Fashionable Gifts Sure, you might sometimes think “Netflix’ recommendations” and your phone’s Autocorrect know you better than[...]

Details Details: The Socks Edit

Your socks starting to look a little under-the-weather? Wear and tear takes its toll on those little foot warmers, but with the holidays around the corner, you’re sure to be getting a re-up[...]

Shout Out: Refinery 29+ALDO

ALDO + R29 PRESENT PARTY PIECES Transform your fave outfits – even your 9-to-5 ensembles – into party-perfect looks. These are the ONLY outfits you really need until new year’s. R29[...]


It seems this season, snakeskin has slid into first place as the animal (er, reptile) print of choice. Designers sent a slew of serpentine references down the Fall/Winter 2014 runways, making the[...]

Golden Rules: Heels optional

Golden Rule #7: On-point flats can get you everywhere with poise. The fancy affairs and black tie events keep pouring in this time of year, while that feeling of wanting to do it all (read: be ready[...]

Rings and Things: Fringe Party

If you are not familiar with The Great Gatsby, I would seriously consider a session of binge watching because the flashiest style is back in a huge way. Don’t get us wrong – we’re not[...]


Whether you are staples’ shopper or not (so much), none of us have ever missed out on a statement-making-opportunity. Right, gals? And, how convenient is it that the season for statement everything[...]

Final Touch: Cozy & Fabulous

We might forget our gloves at home from time to time, or even skip the toque the name of a good hair day. But tolerating frozen toes in the name of fashion? That is SO not okay. Winter seems to be[...]