You’ve got it all planned out: the cabin on the lake, the best of friends, the cooler full of goodies. You already know what you’ll be grilling up for dinner, you’ve got a playlist[...]

Details Details : Lace-Ups

Denim and lace-ups can easily be equated to the best summer menswear bromance  ever. They’re the Pitt to the Clooney, the Affleck to the Damon… ok you get it. Like all great duos the[...]

Final Touch: It’s Okay to Wear Sandals, Even Strappy Ones

There was a time where men wore sandals. You know who those men were? Gladiators. For a while, some people spread rumours that men’s sandals (mandals) weren’t okay. They claimed they were a[...]

Top 5: Peter Dee

Born in Athens (yes, Greece) and raised in Connecticut, Peter Dee is passionate about all things pop culture. As a host and entertainment news journalist for his own website and TeenScene.Com, his[...]

Final Touch: Prints Play

If the clothes make the man, there’s no question that accessories make the clothes. Dark florals and skate inspired looks are one of this summer’s most up-and-coming menswear trends, but the art[...]

Final Touch: True Colour

Perhaps we have effortless trendsetters like Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig and Jude Law to thank but it’s never been more dapper to go sockless in loafers. The bare ankle is a spring 2014 men’s[...]

Final Touch: Make an indelible mark

From workday formal to weekend casual, there’s a new breed of shoes that will make an indelible mark in menswear. It’s called the two-tone sneaker, and its mandate is to reimagine laid-back[...]

Final Touch: Summer Suede

Summer, meet suede, your laidback loafer friend. Everyone who understands the subtle power of an understated look knows that suede loafers are extremely versatile. We’re talking your definitive[...]

Final Touch: No socks day

Enter summer’s shoe du jour: the slip-on, best worn sockless.  How convenient that today, May 8th, is also no socks day (see what we did there?). Cheeky, comfortable and a few cuts above the[...]

Final Touch: Styling the Tonal Sneaker

With fashion houses like Balenciaga, Lanvin and Prada bringing the haute couture sneaker back, the spring 2014 sneaker is minimalist and sleek, and it’s made for more than just the basketball[...]