Culture Hack: Way-Back Playback

Jun 15, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Culture Hack: Way-Back Playback

Wearing your jelly sandals is just one way to revive the best activities from the ’90s.

From baby backpacks to crop tops and the Netflix Saved by the Bell reunion, our current obsession with the ’90s knows no bounds. You can even download a Tamagotchi for your Apple Watch. Clearly, there’s only one way to have fun this summer, and that’s by reliving the glory days, pre-Y2K style.

All ’90s fun starts at the mall, where you can play your favourite arcade games (Pac-Man! Mortal Kombat! Pin Ball!) and meet up with your friends in the food court for some Orbitz before catching the latest Freddie Prinz Jr. movie. If you want to chill in your ’hood, grab your Pogs, your boom box and your latest (or oldest) CDs (Backstreet’s back, alright?) and meet your posse outside for some serious hangs. Even a quarter of Girl’s Tyme, also known as Destiny’s Child, so basically Beyonce is in on this revival action. You can even see her taking a trip to a retro roller rink in the “Blow” video.

Being a ’90s child means straight up looking the part, so make sure you have the essentials on lock. A pair of denim overalls are legit the coolest (bonus points if they’re Tommy Hilfiger) along with a vintage T-shirt—think big, dead-stock logos like Hypercolor, Vuarnet or even No Fear. And when it comes to ’90s summer footwear, only two words matter: jelly sandals.

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