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How to squeeze out every last drop of summer!
Remember plodding through the winter weather, yearning for the days when you could lounge around under the sun in sandaled feet with painted toes? Now the time has come, are you making the most of these warm summer days? Here’s five easy ways to make every weekend a mini vacation.

Build a backyard campsite
What, just because you’re not 12 anymore you’re too old for a slumber party? Poppycock! Rig up a tent with some string, bed sheets and tons of pillows. Then build your own outdoor theater with a white sheet, a projector, and plenty of popcorn.

Sew a Seed
Looking for something a little more contemplative? Try gardening. If you’re a newbie, start with mint – it’s inexpensive and easy. Plus, using the leaves for mojitos later will make you feel like a real pro.

Host a picnic
Host your own elegant alfresco meal! Gather some vintage blankets and pile your china high with cheese and grapes, and cucumber sandwiches. Oh, and definitely make these awesome candle holders for the event.

Get Your Vitamin D
So you’ve done it all? Before you start your next project take a minute to appreciate what you’ve got. Clear your schedule, grab something to read and a tall lemonade, and soak in the rays (with the requisite protection, of course!).

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