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How to squeeze out every last drop of summer!

It’s been hot for like, a minute, and you’ve already done the requisite summer activities: sat on a patio, gone to the beach. Have no fear. We’ve got a handful of DIY weekend projects to get you back in the summer saddle.

Take A Bike Trip

When was the last time you got on your bike and just rode around? Why not pack a bag with the essentials and hit the open road? With minimal planning you can find tons of great campsites, and staring up at a sky full of stars is well worth it.

Build Something

You’ve got hands? Why not use them to do DIY things! From DIY speakers out of paper cups to a wooden bottle opener to a hammock you can laze around in.

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

You could buy the schematics to build your own backyard obstacle course (like a devil ladder and curved wall) or you could just gather up a bunch of materials (like pool noodles, water balloons, old car tires and – why not? -a piñata) and get creative.

Throw A Killer BBQ

Ok, if you start right now, you can host the greatest barbeque of life tomorrow. Clear out some space, grab some dogs and burgers and ribs (tip: soak the ribs in cola for a few hours before cooking) plus a bevy of cold drinks and make a party playlist. Call the crew and get grillin’.

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