Details, Details: Gladiators (a fashion victory)

May 14, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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Kind of hard to mess with a look that’s been in style for over 2,000 years, right? A confirmed classic, the gladiator sandal was once worn by Russell Crowe look-alikes (we like to imagine) in the days of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, the modern gladiator is less sword-and-sandal and more subtle reference to detail and silhouette. And like Caesar himself, these sandals rule.

In fact, nothing can beat gladiators in the arenas of comfort and versatility. Looking for something to pair with ankle jeans for a shopping trip? The Vasut (01) is just the ticket. Want something to wear to a summer wedding with a maxi dress? Oh, hello Leady (02). Not sure what to match with cute denim cut-offs for a party at the beach? Let’s talk, Sevoclya (03).

Whether you go for a pair that’s flat, wedged, or even with a heel, whatever you do, do a gladiator, like the fashion warrior you are.

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