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Jun 6, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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Denim and lace-ups can easily be equated to the best summer menswear bromance  ever. They’re the Pitt to the Clooney, the Affleck to the Damon… ok you get it. Like all great duos the relationship is effortless, balanced and authentic, built to stand the test of time.

First – a quick and informative lesson in lace-ups. Whether it’s a Derby (also known as a Gibson) or an Oxford (also known as Balmorals) the almond shaped toe is IT. You cannot, repeat, cannot go wrong with this footwear silhouette. Investing in a pair (or three: black suede, cognac leather and grey leather) is low-risk, and an auto confidence booster: you will get the job, you will get the girl, you will become a YouTube sensation. Woops, too far? #nope #ambitious #gogetter #word

Secondly, and seriously – denim. There couldn’t be a more versatile, reliable and mighty staple in a man’s wardrobe. For summer, there are three key trends you can take for more than a test-drive. Note: a slim, tapered fit is absolutely still in, and socks are not (necessarily) required.

The perfect dark-wash slim-cut

So maybe this isn’t so much a trend, as a must-have for any time of year.

Go for the clean-cut cuff, folded up a few times and then ironed down for a dapper vibe.

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Blue coloured denim

It’s Meta (if you think about it): denim, that’s dyed to be another shade of blue. Last summer might have been all about risk-taking shades like pink and coral, but this summer, it’s all about different shades of blue – subtle, casual and cool.

Try the messy roll – fold up with care, but make it “seem” like you didn’t  – goes best with bed-head, and two (three, or four) day stubble.

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Not-so-awkward short hems

Question: Are you preparing for a flood? Correct fashion-geek response: No, it’s a carefully calculated hemline, crafted to show off the perfect ankle to shoe ratio.

This one may be the most difficult to pull off, but definitely racks up the most points on the sharp-styling scale. Here’s a tip: It’s not a DIY. Get to your nearest tailor and get him (or her) to handle the situation.

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Whichever denim and casual men’s shoe combo you call dibs on this summer, think of it as your formula to being legen-, wait for it, – dary .

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