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Feb 19, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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If King Midas went shoe shopping for his better half, or if Banksy made his latest post-spraypaint escape route through an ALDO store, it would look a lot like the metallic takes on these four classic shoe styles. There’s nothing like sun-reflecting quality mens & women footwear to turn any outfit into a rock star style statement, whether you’re sporting jeans to the dentist or getting dolled up in designer duds for a black tie event.

Make like Alexa Chung on a red carpet and give your evening look an unexpected bohemian edge. Forget the stilettos and pair an above-the-knee cocktail dress with dark brown ankle boots decked out in three side-buckles per bootie and featuring chunky wood heels that look like they were spray-painted metallic gold by the proud owner of the shoes herself.

For more casual-cool street wear style, make like Sienna Miller on a day off and jazz up black cigarette pants and a slouchy oversized black knit top with a look-at-me pair of slip-on burgundy booties with silver stretch panels that say “I’m with the band.”

Give a tomboy get-up of low-rise dark denim jeans and a fitted sweatshirt a rebellious twist by topping it off, Cara Delevingne style, with grey womens sneakers featuring a metallic charcoal toe and tongue for a dose of glitz.

Truly daring fashionistas can channel Rita Ora by opting for a pair of Hunger Games-worthy black stilettos that look like their backs got the silver spray-paint treatment while running away from a graffiti artist gone mad. Pair the statement pumps with anything from black leather shorts to stage-worthy body-con dresses, because these pumps are about standing out. Olympic fever definitely has a way of making metallics crop up again in the fashion world, but there’s no easier way to score gold than with these metallic twists on four classic shoes.

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