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We’re big fans of Montreal-based urban designer Travis Taddeo (hello, ALDO RISE SS13) which is why we couldn’t help but support him in his fifth anniversary runway show at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto. But with his budding career on the rise (wink), he still made time to answer a few questions backstage for little ol’ A-BLOG. Humble spoiler alert: although it’s his label, he always answers on behalf of his team – because there is no I in TEAM.


This collection is all about going back to basics. What would you say the essence of Travis Taddeo is?

It’s all about the perfect fit and the perfect (and comfortable) fabrics. It needs to be simple but edgy; I like my cuts to be one notch above.

Although edgy, would you consider yourself mainstream?

You need to have a certain amount of commercial appeal in the industry, but at the same time we don’t need to be commercial. The whole point is for us to push our own fashion boundaries, and to push them every day. It’s all about getting a dress that’s a little edgier so you don’t end up looking like everyone else. You’re supposed to have a little originality, you know?

Five years is quite a milestone for a young designer. How did this latest ALDO collab complete your SS14 collection?

Words cannot describe how fortunate I feel to be working with ALDO. Not may young designers get the opportunity to build the perfect shoe [for their collection]. And ALDO made it so easy: they just wanted to make my dreams come true. They don’t have to do this for me! We [young designers] are so fortunate to have programs like ALDO Rise available to us. Back in SS13, I did a men’s shoe line, so this season we did unisex flats. Hopefully next time, we can make an edgy yet classic heel.

We’ve been to ALL your shows. Usually the men and women collections are very distinct. But lately, you seem to have an androgynous approach.

It’s really funny because that wasn’t my intention. I’d been designing for men, and women buyers would buy the men’s pieces, and vice versa. The women buyers always wanted more of the men’s cuts. So when I designed SS14, unisex wasn’t an intention, it was more an option: now both men and women can wear whatever piece they want.

Do you think androgynous styling stems from urban influences à la A$AP Rocky?

Yes, and that’s what street style is all about: taking something from the ordinary and making it your ordinary.

What’s the best moment from over the last five years?

We started during a recession, and people immediately loved the label. I was so happy to have such a positive response, especially during such a difficult time. Another peek though is that I’m not such a “celebrity” person, and what I love most is people who love wearing my clothes. Guess I’m down to earth like that.


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Photography by Max Kopanygin

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