Final Touch: Ace Lace Ups

Sep 8, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: Ace Lace Ups

Here’s a key look for the season.

A little effort. A little initiative. Gentlemen, that’s all it takes. Let’s pull it back a bit and clarify. Fashion-wise, what’s your desired end result? What, in other words, do you want to get out of your clothes? Comfort? Of course. But beyond that, you probably want to make a solid impression at work, draw some looks, and, maybe, some compliments.

It’s simple cause and effect. Spend some time on your wardrobe and it will pay back dividends, no question. Think you don’t have fashion sense? Wrong. It’s all there – you just need to take charge.

With fall on the way it’s time to think earth tones. Shades of green, brown, dark blue, with some neutral tones thrown in for good measure. Start with your foundation black lace ups that will set you straight for autumn. Trim brown slacks with cuffs won’t look out of place here. Get your sock game in order with a blue grey number for contrast, and, above the waist, think layers. Don’t be shy to go with patterns when it comes to dress shirts now – it’s time for that. Mix and match with light sweaters, jackets, and blazers when the weather calls for it. Have fun; fall’s all about options.

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