Final Touch: All Dressed Up, Every Place to Go

Nov 29, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: All Dressed Up, Every Place to Go

Every morning when you fling open those closet doors to find your sneakers, your boots, or your wingtips, your best shoes (best meaning fanciest) get left behind. Maybe their the dandy loafers you bought for your friend’s black tie wedding, or when you were flush with cash, but whatever the reason, they don’t deserve to gather dust. Shoes were meant to be worn, gentlemen, so wear them.

We get that you might be hesitant to throw your most Gatsby dandy loafers on for daily wear, but remember, the style rulebook got thrown out the window long ago—it’s time to have some fun with your wardrobe. They’re going to look great with your jeans—your dark, black, fitted jeans. The satin will provide a nice break in texture with its shine, and you can roll the cuffs to show a little leg if you want. Just think of it as a denim tux, and don’t you dare call it Canadian. Up top, keep everything as sleek as possible—a simple solid crew neck will do just fine (we prefer navy, but black, grey, or even a dark green’ll work).

Prefer blue denim? We’ve got a pair of those too. The trick with a pair of faded jeans is to go retro—hard. Pull a James Dean and where them with a pair of white socks. Yes, you heard correct. It may sound odd, but it somehow works. It’s more ‘50s dude than normcore, a fact we’re very thankful for.  Plus, this way you can be sure your feet will stay toasty.

And just like that, you’re black tie every damn day.


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