Final Touch: Blammo, Bluchers

Nov 9, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: Blammo, Bluchers

Broken-in jeans have a new best friend.

An effortless wardrobe that requires little to no forethought. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Grab and go. Alas, not always practical. When you have a serious work thing, a wedding, a hot date, let’s be real––you’re going to be spending a little extra time getting ready, and getting that look just right. But for normal, quote unquote, life, who wants to agonize, or give excessive consideration, to what clothes they’re going to wear?

That’s why we have broken-in jeans, and jean jackets. A few comfortable, favorite tees. A sweater, or hoodie to throw on at a moment’s notice. These wardrobe workhorses look good, make us feel good, and just get it done. We’re willing to bet you’ve got one pair of jeans that you wear a lot more than any other. So, with that, allow us to suggest an appropriate boot.

It’s a rugged little riff on a Derby, or a Blucher, as some prefer to call it. In dark brown, this leather number doesn’t look too shabby with those jeans you can’t bear to part with. It’s wool-lined, for warmth and comfort, and the rubber sole and cemented bottom means they can stomp around with the best of ‘em. There’s no quit in these boots. Just like those jeans you always reach for.

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