FINAL TOUCH: Bring on the blush

Apr 11, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it FINAL TOUCH: Bring on the blush

Color hues like ‘pale pink’ or ‘light rose’ or ‘ballerina blush’ make us automatically think ‘girly’ – with a capital G. So…so what? Amidst the plethora of hard-hitting sporty and rebellion inspired trends this season, we’re openly embracing the gracefully feminine ones too.

It’s no newsflash that neutral hues no longer equal bland, blah or blasé.

Cues for the power of neutrals came not only from Spring Summer 2014 runway collections like Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, but from beauty editors across the globe. Soft, pale shades and buff palettes have made their way to nails and eyelids alike, but our season must-try: the matte pastel rose-colored lip.

How to play with this trend? It’s all about working on the tight color scale, dialing up and dialing down color, but keeping within range. The real mastery comes through merging mildly different hues (from ivory to beige to blush) into one look – which can create a statement that just says: effortless.

First, we’re celebrating the palest, prettiest of pinks, on the Kristina – a stand-out pointy toe pump at the height of sophistication (120 mm high that is). Next, our final touches – topping off the look with costume retro, yet refined, trimmings – a sweet three-tone box-bag and an oversized five-rose necklace.

Girly? Absolutely. Boring? Absolutely not.

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