Final Touch: Brown New Black

Nov 18, 2013 by ALDO TEAM
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Once upon a time, gents followed the sartorial rule of “no brown in town”, sporting black, blue and grey in the city while leaving the likes of cognac and cigar to define the shades of their leisure in more ways than one.

Maybe we have casual Fridays or Madison Avenue creatives to thank for making the blue suits of Wall Street seem like robotic rule followers, but brown is just as fitting for business these days as it is for off-duty affairs. In fact, a chocolate sweater paired with navy slacks and a charcoal tweed blazer looks just as good around the office as it does at the bar on Saturday night. Of course lets not forget to wear a pair of Monk Strap Shoes too!

The key to sporting brown as the new black lies in the details. Your Men’s shoes, belt and watch still form the holy trinity of your ensemble, so rocking these three accessories in a similar shade, be it tan or mahogany, shows a refined attention to detail that transforms even a casual look into a style statement.

With that in mind, a watch with a silver-accented face looks best when paired with a belt featuring a silver-detailed buckle. Top off the look with a pair of lace-up leather Oxfords in a dapper tone like cognac for old-world style that’s as worthy of the boardroom as it is the wine bar.

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