Final touch: Hello Motto

Oct 5, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final touch: Hello Motto

So what is the it that the “It Girl” has? It’s hard to put your finger on exactly, isn’t it? It’s not necessarily her looks: she comes in all different shapes and sizes. And it’s not necessarily her style: they don’t all look like Emanuelle Alt, but they always have that ineffable “it” quality. After much consideration, we think it might just come down to this: they know themselves inside out – they’ve found their signature style, and they continually refine it. It’s their calling card.

Another thing they often do so very well is play with the feminine and the masculine, mixing and matching to create the perfect balance. And while the It Girl quality is indeed beyond description, we can’t think of one worth her salt who couldn’t rock a moto jacket and boot combo like a boss. It’s a duo that’s always had a cool, rock ‘n roll swagger to it but can be sweetened up or toughened up depending how you wear it. Pair a moto boot and jacket with a pair of double-dyed black jeans or leather legging for downtown appeal, or try it with a plaid miniskirt for a youthful and wholesome uptown look. Whatever way you choose, know this: you’ve got it, too.

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