Final Touch: How to Rock Work Look in Winter

Dec 9, 2013 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: How to Rock Work Look in Winter

Whether you work in the creative field where jeans are the boardroom norm or just have weekly “Casual Fridays” to look forward to, having a relaxed dress code at the office shouldn’t be an excuse to dress like you just rolled out of bed. In fact, a truly stylish man uses a semi-lawless sartorial scene as an opportunity to showcase his fashion sense outside of the realm of suits and ties. You can reach for your favourite pair of jeans and still be the swaged-out guy at the office, but there’s an art to looking good while keeping it casual.

As tempting as it is to slide into worn-in jeans, opt for a slim cut dark wash pair when donning denim to the office. Create a sophisticated look with dark blue denim paired with a jean shirt in a slightly lighter wash. Add texture to the ensemble with a two-tone blue cardigan and white and brown herringbone wool blazer. Then, accessorize:

Top off your refined command of layering with a statement plaid scarf with black dip-dyed ends. A truly dapper gent wears leather gloves in winter, so invest in a black or dark brown pair. Be sure to nod to the school vibe of casual days by sporting an Ivy League-worthy newsboy cap and a herringbone backpack.

Tie the refined casual look together with a pair black lace-ups that are as ready for action in the boardroom as they are a well-deserved early start to the weekend.

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