Final Touch: Ice Breaker

Nov 12, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
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Stylish combat boots are a cold weather must-have.

Everyday style. We see these words a lot, but what, when put together, do they signify? What is everyday style? Sure, it’s how you choose to dress on a so-called average day, of course, whatever that is, when no special events, or galas are on the old planner. (If black-tie is commonplace for you, forgive us in advance.) But everyday style is also a state of mind. A vibe you give off, a mood. Your best baseline fashion statement, in other words.

Naturally, this changes from season to season. And now that winter’s around the corner, we’ve got boots on the brain as a go-to exemplar of everyday style. Miltary-style combat boots, to be specific. Here’s a footwear prototype that gets the job done–wool-lined, keeps you warm, covers the ankles, repels the elements–and looks astonishingly cool with jeans, sweaters, leather jackets, flannel shirts, and other paragons of Americana-inspired casual wear.

Leather combat boots can pull double duty when your everyday look veers to the dressier side of the wardrobe, too. Bonus! Chunky vests, heavy fall jackets, winter puffers–you can stomp around in a variety of styles here. Layer up, these boots just love that, and storm the day. You’re well-equipped for it now.

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