Final Touch: Moto Boots, Without the Moto

Oct 21, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: Moto Boots, Without the Moto

Do you ride a motorcycle? Chances are, you don’t, and that’s okay! A lot of us never cross that bridge, but we still dress like it. Moto jackets, cool helmets (ahem, Daft Punk), and biker boots have become a part of the style universe we all occupy, and they make you look cool as hell, even if you’re Harley-less.

As much as we love all those things, you can quickly look like a kid dressing up for Halloween. Easing pieces like the biker boot into your wardrobe are key, and these days, they can actually look pretty slick with most of your closet.

If you’re with us, then start thinking about your blacks, navys, and darks — biker boots look best when paired with similar tones (high contrast makes you look like you don’t know what’s up). You’ll want to wear a pair of slim jeans that’ll show off the detail of the shoe, and feel free to tuck them in if you like—gotta protect those cuffs.

Now that the boots are doing most of the talking, try and keep everything else simple. A simple patterned crew neck (or even your old navy sweater) is all you need. If you’re chilled, have a bad hair day (or not, really) then top it all off with a beanie. You may not have the bike, but you have the look, which is the best part of the bike…so, you win.


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