Oct 15, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

Forget pumpkins and citrus fruit. Orange is fire.

It may have something to do with seeing so many amazing female characters in Orange is The New Black rocking their orange jumpsuits, but it seems that collectively, fashion has a new take on this previously overlooked hue. While in the past it’s made us think of pumpkins and traffic cones, variations on orange are suddenly totally relevant again. It seems the runways would agree: orange came down the catwalk in a major way at Louis Vuitton, Celine, Miu Miu, Dior, Balmain and more. And when we saw Kenzo’s head-to-toe orange, our minds were made up: Orange really is the new black.

The way we like to wear it?  Balls to the wall; which is to say on a suit, an unapologetically feminine and unswervingly cool way to wear just about any colour. We’re very into long-line culottes and we’re of the mind that there’s no better way to call attention to a short pant than with a lace-up granny boo heel.  Only one issue remains. What color shoe to pair when wearing an adventurous and spirited hue like orange? Black might have you looking like a disassembled Halloween costume, so we’d aim for something with a touch more subtly: a camel hue (which had its fair share of love on the runway too) is just the ticket. Rather than being a contrasting color it is on a spectrum with orange, so pairing the two makes you look automatically pulled together. Add a touch of cheetah print in the form of a handbag and you’ve just achieved fashion blog status.

Digging the color? Shop our camel-to-cognac gallery here.

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