Oct 26, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

Add some flair to your most casual footwear.

High-tops have come back with a vengeance. And no wonder. It was a crime that these classic kicks ever fell off the radar. After all, as any good 1980s fashion phenom could have told you, high-tops were dope. Fresh. The complete opposite of wack. Fun to style, fun to wear, fun to look at, in other words.

Now, all of a sudden, we’re in the midst of a high-top renaissance. The best part about the new high-top bumper crop is that they’re being made over in cool, bold ways, without sacrificing what made them so rad to begin with. High-tops have finally graduated from the court to assume their rightful place among the pantheon of classic footwear. And you know what that means: baggy basketball shorts out, wardrobe versatility in.

Fashion lines have been blurred, is the overarching theme here. There’s much less of a difference, now more than ever, between dress shoes and sneakers. Walls are crumbling, and supposed sartorial rules are breaking down. It’s chaos, beautiful chaos, and the best time to be a high-top shoe. This season, we’re matching our high-tops with slightly rolled, relaxed-fitting pants, and a long trench-style dress coat. We suggest you do the same. Totally.

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