Final Touch: Style Upgrade

Aug 24, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: Style Upgrade

Statement shoes. Shoes that grab your attention and say, hey, look down here, I’m kind of a big deal. You’re not going to wear them everyday, or for every occasion, but you need some in your closet. A funky sneaker, maybe, or a rugged pair of boots. Once in a while it’s good (and fun!) to go to extremes to punch up a look, or to smack your sense of style awake.

We concede that Cognac-colored penny loafers aren’t flashy, per se. But, and this is important, they do draw the eye. Regular black dress shoes can’t say the same. Now there’s a fine line between drawing the eye, and jarring the eye. But when a statement shoe, and a classic one at that, demands notice and is complemented by the right duds? That’s magic.

So what to wear with brown penny loafers? Pants-wise, it’s got to be slim-fit, and cuffed. Blue chinos, even denim, will do nicely. For a polished impact, class it up on top: a dress shirt with a narrow, tapered blazer rounds it all out. Think about your accessories’ color scheme–belt, necktie–and match them with those shoes. Boom, done. Preppy penny loafers: you can’t mess with them.

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