Sep 2, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

Show of hands: who thinks fall is the most versatile season for fashion? Excellent, we think so too. Each season has its advantages, of course, but nobody can dispute the unrivaled assets of autumn. Layers? Sure. Definitely a key factor in the season’s sartorial allure. As the weather transitions from summer, we curse winter’s inevitability but also revel, hopefully, in the chance to dust off, and show off, a few more items from the wardrobe.

And revel you should. Why not? After all, when was the last time you had a chance to wear that sweet, and timeless, denim jacket? Or that navy vest? July and August were way too muggy for neckties but, hey, you have a nice dinner date lined up next week and the forecast looks brisk. Maybe it’s time to spice it up a bit.

Suggestion: don’t be dull. Think in terms of greys, dark blues and complementary fabrics appropriate for the season. That denim jacket. Slim dress pants and dress shirt. Maybe a hit of color with those socks for extra swag. And, lastly, a stylish suede loafer with double monk straps. As far as footwear goes, this is a brash little number that punches above its weight. It’s fall, gentlemen; dare to do more.

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