Final Touch: The Transitional Shoe

Jul 22, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: The Transitional Shoe

We’re about to hit that weird time of year, where days are hot, nights are cool, and we all start denying the onslaught of fall. Sandals will be relegated to the attic, your canvas sneakers are kind of worn out, and you’re suddenly out of options. There. Is. Hope. Basically, you just need a shoe that will take you straight through the fall, and you need a good one. The answer, friends, is the suede loafer—champion of the transitional season.

It’s so versatile that your mind might explode, straight up mind-blowing. But worry not, we’ve got one (of a thousand) killer way to wear it. Start here, then go forth — you’ll be wearing this one for months. First off, you don’t want to make this one too casual–so go for a dark pair of denim to class things up. Roll those cuffs in the summer to show a little ankle and go sock less. You might find it weird at first, but this will also help keep you a little cooler during those “is it hot or is it cold?” days. Continuing with the casual-but-cool thing  (project: Ryan Gosling), grab a light crew neck sweater and throw it on over your favourite shirt. Boom, you’re done.

Quick tip: Make sure to take care of these guys–use baby powder or loafer socks to keep them smelling fresh and always keep soft/delicate shoes  in shoe trees so they maintain their shape.


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