Final Touch: Transitional Boots

Mar 2, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: Transitional Boots

We’re about to hit that all-too-complicated transitional period between harsh winter and gentle spring. That’s going to leave your wardrobe in a bit of limbo. You’ll need to stay warm, but with light layers. You can wear the same pants, but maybe they’re a little cuffed. And it’s almost sock-less weather but not quite. Your body is basically gonna go haywire with all the options.

While your closet is certainly full of denim jackets and plenty of t-shirts and button-ups, it might be lacking the ever versatile chelsea, or in this case, chelsea-ish boot. More specifically, the Gotti, a beat-up, zip-up cousin of the chelsea boot. It’s got some height to it, which will keep your nearly exposed (remember, we said you could cuff your pants) ankles warm, and they’re brown, which means they go with everything.

We like ‘em best with some dark denim up top and a classic pair of chinos below the waist. However you do it, keep it casual. Picture yourself going to a ball game, stepping out for coffee, or going from a long brunch into a late lunch, and generally just lazing around. (Trust us, they’re comfortable enough for all that in one day.)

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