Final Touch: Weekend Vibes

Sep 2, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Final Touch: Weekend Vibes

It’s been a long week and you can pretty much sum it up like this: Work, more work, a little bit of work, plus some work. You’re even kind of shocked you managed to get any meals in there and you can kiss those dreams of being a green-thumbed gardener goodbye because your houseplant is not looking so hot right now. Sound familiar? We totally get it. When the weekend does come you consider staying under the covers and asking your roommate to hook you up to a coffee IV, but then you realize that it might actually feel good to get up and get some fresh air. Besides, real talk: you’re going to be running around all weekend to fit in all your chores.

Now you just need to find an outfit that feels as cozy as being wrapped up in a warm blanket yet looks effortlessly stylish all the same. For something like that layers, all-over neutral tones, and soft textures are definitely the way to go. A pair of cotton pants with a drawstring and a tapered leg always looks good with a black high top sneaker. It’s just kind of a rule of the universe, like the law of attraction (the attraction between a high top sneaker and an ankle jogger that is). Now throw a soft, oversized cardi over a plain white t-shirt, and finish the look with a structured mini-crossbody to elevate the whole look. Now you’re good to go (or veg out at your friends place in front of the TV with a slice of pizza in your hand…whatever the case may be pin it;)

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