May 13, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

They aren’t just for the court anymore. They aren’t ragtag, grab and go afterthoughts either. Contemporary tennis sneakers, in case it wasn’t abundantly clear, are the total package, wardrobe-wise. Newsflash: you need these shoes in your life.

Retro leather trainers just get it done, period, with a modicum of fuss. When well cared for, they seamlessy complement a wide range of looks with chameleon-like ease. Spotless white tennis sneakers? Worn sans socks, a natural match for a grey seersucker suit at the office or a semi-formal afternoon function. Conversely, dress up those black leather tennis sneakers with a dark, tailored suit and black fitted tee. At dinner or at the club, here’s a look guaranteed to win some respect. And bonus: both ensembles walk the line between casual and dressy. There’s enough flexibility here, in other words, to tone it down or take it to another level.

Colored tennis shoes are just as adaptable. Got some neutral jeans or tapered chinos in your closet? Perfect for burgundy, green or navy colored tennis shoes. Be sure to cuff that denim. Add a light jacket or crewneck sweater and you’re off to the races. Not literally of course. Today’s versatile tennis sneakers are much more about playing it cool than working up a sweat.

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