INSIDE SCOOP: The Denis Gagnon Runway Report

Oct 18, 2013 by ALDO TEAM
pin it INSIDE SCOOP: The Denis Gagnon Runway Report


Denis Gagnon, one of Montreal’s most emblematic designers (often symbolized and recognized by his oversized Lanvin frames) has been taking the fashion industry by theatrical storm for the last decade. Montreal fashionados love him for his joyful expression through bold silhouettes, eclectic prints, as well as iconic use of zippers and chains.

Of course, when his team (obviously) approached ALDO for footwear, we stepped up. How could we resist seeing our styles in another highly anticipated Denis show? Held at

the “love for art” center, Phi Centre, nestled in history ridden Old Montreal, Denis cult-followers sat comfortably on the edge of their sofa-seats to watch his SS14 runway presentation.

We caught up with the eclectic designer for the 411 on his collection, and ultra-bright (cue ALDO sunnies) future.


How does this collection differ in the evolution of collections’ past?

This collection has a more feminine and pret-a-porter approach. I infused gold light and silver shine over the cold industrial wind from the roaring twenties. Pleats and transparency add playfulness to the bold shapes, and make the dresses and skirts more wearable. No matter what, my collections are always joyous.

Can art still be art when created with “wearable” in mind?

Buying (from a retailer’s perspective) does restrict creativity but difficulties only challenge and propel creativity. I just always ask myself “would I buy this,” and for SS14, I would by everything.

Denis joins the digital age with an online boutique. Perhaps a plan to go more international?
E-commerce is everything nowadays. People shop a lot less from street stores every year. Being in the game like everyone else was a natural evolution. So why not go international?

Which celebs love Denis as much as we do?

Kanye West, John Malkovich and others have shopped in my store before. But I don’t care much for celebrities. Yes, it’s great exposure but I find joy in seeing someone unknown walk out with something fabulous.

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Spot the Bujumbura’s and other street-modified ALDO musts that stole the spotlight –or at least tried–from Denis Gagnon’s show.


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