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 Our new favorite indie actress on her timeless, elegant style.

She may not know it, but Fabianne Therese exudes a sense of mystery and romance. Even her childhood has a kind of fairy-tale quality to it: she was born in Kansas City, but grew up in Abu Dhabi,  in Sri Lanka, in Palm Springs, LA, Florida, and Austria. Now, resolutely settled in LA, she’s carving out a career for herself as an indie actress. She’s worked with the likes of Roman Coppola and starred opposite Paul Giamatti, and this year she has a spate of new releases coming out. We’re looking forward to seeing her on the red carpet, where we have a feeling she’ll radiate with Old Hollywood elegance.

What does the word “romance” mean to you?

Romance is… it’s kind of like a dreamy idea of something. Or like the best version of something. I don’t know. I fall in love when I walk down the street every 50 seconds. Like, ‘I love this person and I love that person and I love that tree…’ But it’s genuine. I have a lot of real love and enthusiasm for lots of things, and maybe it doesn’t always last that long but it doesn’t really need to. Romance isn’t real, but you’re constantly striving for it.

Wow, that’s a really nice description! Do you feel like there’s a particular style of romance you wish would come back?

I feel like before phones and computers and “instantness,” you kind of had to stay with something. I like that. I feel like past decades really had that.

How does that factor into the way you dress?

I stick with the same things; my closet is the exact same as it was five years ago and my style hasn’t really changed that much. The more worn-in and loved my things are, the better.

Is there a common thread in the way you dress?

I think just a sense of elegance or timelessness. I always try to keep something that my mom would have worn as a kid in Sri Lanka.

Do you recall the first time you used style to express yourself?

I don’t recall exactly when that was but probably when I could first think thoughts. I was imitating things that I loved when I was a kid. I would force my parents to play Peter Pan with me. I literally dressed up as Tinkerbell to their wedding. I’m really into costumes.

Are there any movies or characters that influence your style?

I feel like you’re not allowed to say Audrey Hepburn, but just that kind of vibe. Or a photo from San Tropez in the sixties, some espadrilles and a flowy skirt; something that would look really good on the back of a Vespa. Any of those old films, they all have a classic element to them. Except the ’40’s. I’m not into shoulder pads. They look great on Katharine Hepburn, but not on me.

So, more Audrey than Katharine?

Yeah, I mean she looks so good in everything. But not just her! There’s Lana Turner or Lauren Bacall. Oh my god, Lauren Bacall, that’s what I wish I could look like every day when I walk outside the door.

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