Meet The Cast: Staz Lindes – IRL

Sep 18, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Meet The Cast: Staz Lindes – IRL

Even though we are legit millennials & our notion of the ‘70s is straight outta Almost Famous, our love of fringe, suede and all things camel is still very real. That being said, we still can’t think of a better of-the-moment girl than artist slash model, Staz Lindes, to represent our ‘70s Remix collection other. Not only does she embody the true essence of bohemian flare through her eclectic style, but she also listens to music from Led Zepellin & George Harrison – duh. Let her snaps give you a glimpse inside her want-to-have lifestyle with boho accessories to accompany her everywhere. Learn more about the collection and our campaign model, here.

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