How to Nail the Best Color Combo of the Season: start with navy

Feb 28, 2016 by ALDO TEAM
pin it How to Nail the Best Color Combo of the Season: start with navy

A quick crash course in exactly how to do the whole color-matching thing.

You might think pulling off a blue and green color combo is an easy thing, but there are some subtitles to remember. First not just anygreen can go with any blue—imagine a neon green with a neon blue. See what we mean?

So when we say blue and green, we really mean navy and olive, or army green. Both are very neutral tones which gives them the added bonus of mixing with a lot of the stuff you already own. But these more calm shades are way more professional, sleek, and stylish. They contrast, but not in a negative way. It’s best to show them right up against each other, so be sure to cuff your pants a little so that your socks just barely show.

Even if you don’t dare try this plan, you can always use a navy sneaker—especially in the spring. When the snow is still melting, and there’s still crud all over the sidewalks, it’s best to go with something dark. Whites and grays would get eaten alive out there. Navy, however, will have a lot more mileage. No reason not to go for it.

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