Aug 1, 2014 by ALDO TEAM

Way back in 1971, when local Torontonian Clive Brand wanted to show off the elaborate details of his Caribana ensemble, he lit flares to shine a light on his look and accidentally set his outfit on fire. Despite or perhaps because he had to tear off his costume to throw it in (the conveniently located) Lake Ontario, he was still crowned Caribana King of the year. The now iconic Caribbean festival has made a name for itself and the colourful costumes it inspires ever since. Whether you’re heading out to one of the many Caribana parties this year or attending the elaborate Grand Parade, which is actually North America’s largest Caribbean Parade, follow Brand’s now historic lead, figuratively speaking of course, and opt for a hot look that stands out.

Even an understated white blouse with black polka dots takes on a more festive, tropical dimension when paired with a bold statement necklace featuring multi-coloured stones. While the eye-catching turquoise and red stones in the necklace are the definite focal points of the accessory, you can easily bring out the more demure purple stones by adding multi-bracelets in cobalt and antique gold, featuring the solitary hue in a more neon tone. Embrace the multi-coloured couture of the Caribana festival by topping off your outfit with the ultimate accessory: a mood ring. Not only will the ring compliment different stones in your necklace as it changes tone in accordance with your moods, it lets you literally show your true colours. Clive Brand would be proud!


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