Rings and Things: Masks

Oct 24, 2013 by ALDO TEAM
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Heidi Klum’s famous Halloween costumes are proof that even the most fabulous women revel in the chance to be someone else one night of the year. Unfortunately for those of us without supermodel budget, taking public transit in an elaborate Marie-Antoinette wig can be style-cramping in more ways than one.

Halloween doesn’t have to be a commedia dell’ arte with your costume determining the character you play all night, especially on the unintentional carnival ride that is the commute to the party.

Given that even the former Queen of France enjoyed disguising her real identity at masquerades, a Venetian mask by ALDO is really all you need to turn an air of mystery into a costume in and of itself. To get the look of a damsel in disguise, simply dress up your best street style with a feathered or sequined ALDO mask and let your imagination do the rest.

Shift from make-believing you’re an off-duty superhero to a 21st century Juliet looking for her mask-clad Romeo as the evening unfolds. Bonus points: ALDO masks fit nicely in your purse for subway rides, and they come off without hitch for those moments when you need to reveal your true identity, along with photo ID, to party doormen.


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