Rings & Things: METAL MELANGE

Jul 23, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Rings & Things: METAL MELANGE

Faux-pas. Who came up with that term anyway?

In fashion, things come in and out and back in again and again and again (are you dizzy?) but today, more than ever, the term “faux-pas” is like a running gag, or a runway gag (ha-ha).  The fashion elites are flipping faux-pas’ on their head. Now, it’s less about breaking rules and more about crafting new ones. Head to toe novelty garb? Yes to Mc-Moschino. Kicks and fluffy ball gowns? Up-top Chanel. Sweatpants with a blazer? Our personal fave. Oh, and a cashmere crewneck sweater with shorts to your own wedding? See Olivia P., for that new-new.

Another to add to the growing list – mixed metal accessories. Are the days of gold on gold, silver on silver, and classics like diamonds and pearls gone ? No… but, we are seeing some pretty stellar combinations on the rise.  Bright gold fused with jet black, antique silvers merged with antique golds and multi-tone mix’n’match ring stacks — trust, there are more than a few metal mashups that just work.

While chunky mixed metal statement necklaces stand out for a daywear look over a crew neck cardi, chain-link bracelets and sparkling mixed metallic clutches add some flavor to the classic “oh this old thing?” LBD for nights out and about.

The moral of the story is, the more you mix the metals, the easier they are to match. Just imagine the footwear possibilities that could complement your newly established jewel rule.

Faux-pas? Scratch that. Faux-yah.


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