Jun 17, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

Why do we call those graceful girls – the ones who can flit from group to group, charming folks in their wake – social butterflies? Because they glide like the butterfly, stopping just long enough to make friends, then soar off to the next destination for more. But do you know what that lovely butterfly was before she was the elegant creature everyone wants at their event? A caterpillar: furry and slow. As summer approaches, remember that even the beautiful social butterfly evolved to become the person she is.

But just because everyone has both on days and off doesn’t mean your style ever has to suffer! A whimsical white clutch with cut-out details is just the thing for spring and summer get-togethers. Wear it with a handful of silver accessories: an oversized statement ring, plus a set of three stackable ones, silver bracelets, and a pair of sunglasses with translucent rims. Combined, the look capitalizes on a mix of cool whites and silvers, giving it an effortless, urban appeal: a little tough but very fun.  Wear it with easy staples like a chambray or denim shirt, white jean shorts, and red lips. Wear your hair down with a deep side part or up top in a perfectly imperfect messy knot. So even if you’re not the world’s most social gal, you’ll still look like the life of the party.

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