Rings and Things: What a Stud!

Feb 10, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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You don’t need to be Mary Crawley, from Downton Abbey, to look like a high-society grande dame. Jewelry trends this winter are all about vintage inspired chic, with a costume jewelry take on jewels like diamonds, pearls and onyx worthy of a duchess.

Turn heads with the simplest little accessory: statement stud earrings. Best worn, of course, with hair tied back – whether sky-high tight pony, sweet and wispy chignon, or for all the bobs out there, neatly tucked behind the ears. In their own, subtle way, stud style earrings can pack a lot of punch.

For an all-black vibe, pair the Brunell with a tight black turtleneck, or a black leather tee. The grand and gilded Mamartina has more of a “Victorian vintage” feel, so why not contrast it totally with some grunge? Try a checked shirt buttoned up to the very top, and don’t forget the red lips. The diamonds-and-pearls glamour of Canuck would look fierce with a striped black and white blouse, while the Thericlya, diamonds upon diamonds, would make the most of your crisp white Oxford shirt. The key is to let these beauties make their own statement – don’t distract from them with lavish neckwear. Instead, choose a gilded watch or a notable bracelet to build on your look.

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