Rings and Things: Style Statement

May 28, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Rings and Things: Style Statement

Spunk up your summer essentials with the Statement Necklace. It’s back and it’s bigger than ever.

Sometimes the strongest fashion statement is the simplest one and that’s why we are thrilled with the return of the big and bold necklace. From high fashion runways to the mass-market streets it is a bit of a chameleon taking on many different shapes and monikers. Fancy a statement, bib, choker or chunky? Whatever the case, it’s the singular accessory that manages to circumvent the trends (ahem, mid-rings) and stay in the collective conscious. Why? Because it’s daring and a bit unexpected: just like you. Because it can spunk up your summer essentials without having to re-stock your entire closet (although, we wouldn’t stop you). And lastly, well, because Tom Ford said so. Do you remember his spring 2015 runway? Models sported some seriously heavy neck metals in knotted brass with moody stones and these ladies were all that is cool and current in the world.

They say imitation is the finest form of flattery, so do as the supermodels do and create your own statement, in this case a decidedly edgy silver, black-chained, multi-layered, multi-dimensional piece that’s high on impact and intrigue. For those brave souls, why stop with just one? Layer silver bangles with complimenting black stones on your wrists and go big or go home with a bauble for a ring. Just because you don’t have a runway, doesn’t mean you don’t own it. Who runs the world? Girls.

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