Rings & Things: Word Up

Mar 24, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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Blame it on RiRi. When she started strutting around in clothes and caps printed in scripts so large you could see them from the space station, she started a movement. Pretty soon, big, bold words were everywhere – from street gear to the runway.

Got a message? WHY NOT SHOUT IT OUT LOUD. With your handbag, your clothing, your hat and your jewelry. Oversized block writing adds a heavy dose of bold wit to your look, no matter what the message.

In a cap that screams PLAY in point 68 font, you know you’re going to turn heads. Make the most of it by pairing it with a spring-friendly crazy-print sweatshirt with black leather jeans, for a chic urban look. Pair the look with either a high-style pair of sneakers or sportswear-inspired pumps for a more feminine silhouette. And of course, an iPhone case that screams SELFIE. #ootd

Take two, head to the library (lol) with the ominous SILENCE cap paired with an all black look, topped with a chunky leather moto jacket. Add a note of lighthearted fun with a necklace or two that profess your LOVE – or at least your temporary affection (XOXO) – in rich golden script.

Weekend activities? Top your latest witty tee with a military vest and some majorly distressed boyfriend jeans. Accessorize with lots of gold jewelry and a clutch that says it all: DON’T KILL MY VIBE. Or else!

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