Shoe Shoe: Plimsoll print

Jan 31, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Shoe Shoe: Plimsoll print

Favourite tee worn ‘til it feels soft as silk? Check. Big chunky cardigan with leather covered buttons? Check. Black beanie? Check. Super duper skinny jeans worn low on the waist and bunched up in a million wrinkles around your ankles? Check. Crokes? Check, check, check. There you go, off-duty band member.

Straightforward and no-nonsense with its black suede base and tan piping over a white plimsole, this season’s perfect circular vamp Oxford sneaker makes a rock’n’roll statement with its witty leopard print body. Because not any old man is manly enough to dare to wear animal print! The key is in the styling.

Take advantage of the Croke’s super fly construction, which makes it the ideal choice for a weekend look, or a day spent shopping and lazing with your gal on Rodeo Drive. But with this sneaker, it’s not just plain old kicks – the wink and the wit are in the leopard-print roar that shows your sense of humour. (Roar.) And we think we know why this shoe’s called the Croke: because you’ll knock ‘em dead whenever you wear it.

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