Shout Out: The Art of Gift Giving

Dec 17, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Shout Out: The Art of Gift Giving

What the holidays presents you give and receive say about you.

Fashionable Gifts
Sure, you might sometimes think “Netflix’ recommendations” and your phone’s Autocorrect know you better than your own family at times, but your bestie still “gets” your personal style like no one else. From killer earring and cocktail hour-ready clutches to on trend wallets and watches with changeable straps, BFFs are always on alert for gifts that suit your wardrobe and your wish list best.
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Artistic Gifts
The holidays can put a dent in all of our savings, but that never stops those who love us most from finding creative ways to express their feelings in the form of thoughtful presents. A mixed tape might featuring songs tied to shared memories is not only uber retro, it’s still the ultimate way for love interests to show you how much you mean to them. A scrapbook or photo montage of blasts from your past together says “I love you” without the words even needing to be said.

Practical Gifts
Just because you’ve been unwrapping pairs of socks and underwear from Mom and Dad since the dawn of your earliest memories doesn’t mean your parents don’t care; they’ve just been doing your laundry long enough (and letting you come home to do it) to know you’re always in the need of fashion’s most basic necessities. And that gift certificate to the local grocery store? Now that’s love.

Hostess Gifts
Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, almost everybody feels genuinely good about the gifting of a nice wine, especially around the holidays when home-related headaches run rampant –ditto for boxes of decadent chocolate and baskets of shower gels and bath bombs and body oils that say, “Go ahead, ignore what Uncle Albert is doing, and take a little time out for yourself.”


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