Shout Out: Friendship & (TV) Networks

Jun 8, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Shout Out: Friendship & (TV) Networks

With today being #NationalBestFriendsDay, let TV’s all-time greatest circles (who put the best in best friend) inspire your celebration plans. Happy June 8th guys!


What to do: Catch up at your local greasy spoon diner

Whether gossip over cereal at the kitchen counter to grabbing a bite at the local diner, Jerry got his richest stand-up material from the seemingly mundane antics of his three hilariously neurotic best friends, as well as his run-ins with neighbourhood personalities like the Soup Nazi and arch nemesis Newman. If this was the original “show about nothing,” it was also the first love song to New York in sitcom form, as evidenced by the endless stream of quirky characters that unavoidably came in and out of Jerry’s life on the packed sidewalks and elevator rides of Manhattan.

Sex & the City

What to do: Let the night start with cocktails and reconvene at brunch

Writer Carrie’s besties were each an extension of a different facet of her personality — from the undying sex drive of Samantha to the realism of lawyer Miranda to the diehard romanticism of gallery owner Charlotte. They might have only ever asked for a table for four when out for after-work cocktails or catching up over Sunday brunch, but the foursome had a fifth bestie: Manhattan. In fact, the streets of New York made being single in the world’s greatest city seem full of possibility.

How I Met Your Mother

What to do: Drinks at your favourite watering hole

It took nine seasons, 208 episodes, and countless conversations and insider jokes at the bar booth for Ted to finally explain to his son and daughter — in the year 2030 — how his four hilarious and sometimes morally questionable best friends helped shape him into the kind of guy their Mom would eventually fall for. If life is more about the journey than the destination, than this quirky circle of friends proves the destination is defined by the journey.


What to do: Spend a lazy afternoon at your version of Central Perk

Who says childhood friendships don’t last? High school besties Rachel and Monica started out as polar opposites after the formerly pampered Rachel left a guy at the altar to move in with Monica in Manhattan and wait tables at Central Perk. The ups and downs of being 20-something and not having it all figured out inevitably bond the two women with each other as well as with their quirky six-pack of eclectic friends, from paleontologist Ross to aspiring actor Joey. Whether celebrating Thanksgiving as a group or just having daily hangs at their home away from home on the cafe’s couch, the six friends proved that, in a way, you can choose your family.

Beverly Hills, 90210

What to do: Meet up at your Peach Pit

Kelly, Steve, Donna, and Dillon made a formerly unknown postal code suddenly seem like 9021-haute when this iconic drama debuted in 1990. That said, it was the culture shock experienced by Minnesota twins and upper middle-class teens Brandon and Brenda that made for must-watch TV, as they rubbed shoulders with the one percent while merely dialing the combos to their lockers. Maybe wealth, fame and power made kids grow up fast, but the unlikely friendships and romances that unfolded as the Walsh house became the epicentre of activity proved Beverly Hills had something to learn from the Midwest.


What to do: Enjoy your favourite landmarks in your hood

It might be “still to be determined” whether aspiring writer Hannah can actually be the voice of a generation, especially since she and her three best friends are still trying to figure out what exactly it means to be a millennial at all. They might not always be likeable, but at least they’re always exploring what it is they want and don’t want from life on the other side of the bridge and tunnel in Brooklyn. When they’re not butting heads with one another, they’re at each other’s side for their proudest achievements and most painful — and sometimes embarrassing — failures.


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