Shout out: Mother’s Day

May 10, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Shout out: Mother’s Day

This May 11, on Mother’s Day, show some love to the woman who made you with the best gift of all: a little time spent together. Here’s what’s at the top of our list:

The casual catch up
Okay, it’s true, all your mom wants to do is chill out (with you). Make it a twofer (that’s: two for one) by catching up on your favourite series together or watching a classic flick (#Netflix). Even better, cook up a quick dinner perfect for munching  in front of the TV, like home-made buffalo wings and cupcakes for dessert. Sweatpants may be required.

The breath of fresh air
It’s a springtime Sunday, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining… it’s time to get outside! Take mom for a walk in a park, some city window shopping or just straight up lounging out side by side in the backyard… when’s the last time you did that together? Give new meaning to Sunday funday.

The treat
You just got paid and you wanna treat your mom in the manner she deserves. Make it a night on the town (a perfect excuse to dress up), starting with dinner at the latest, coolest restaurant in town and a show, whether it’s a ballet, a local comedy act or a live jazz show. Keep it real classy.

The classic
Pressed for time or live far away? Say it in gifts. We don’t know a mom in the world who doesn’t like flowers, chocolate, or even better, both. But don’t just pick any flowers for your delivery; go with your mom’s favourite blossom, or choose some carnations, which symbolize a mother’s eternal love.

The “shhhh, I’m on a budget”
There are so many ways to tell your mom you love her without spending a penny, but the best is to write her a letter. Not kidding – there’s nothing more personal than something with your own handwriting. Express your sincere feelings of love and gratitude, and you’re sure to make her day.

Whether it’s a tiny gesture or a gigantic one – take the time, show some love (and rack up some good ol’ karma points).



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