SHOUT OUT: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Feb 11, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
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Big on Love, Low on Cheese

Love is in the air, and thank goodness, it’s a welcome distraction from the bitter cold. As February 14th rockets towards us, it’s important to remember those closest to you and show them some love. Sure, you could just say, “I love you,” but everybody would really just prefer a present. Let us guide you.

The DIY Route: Look, we know not everybody can just whip up a great DIY gift, but everybody can make the perfect playlist. Gather any kind of song you share with your main squeeze—the first one you danced to, the one that was playing when you first made out, the one that makes you laugh, whatever. Throw them on a Spotify playlist, burn ‘em on a CD, or load ‘em up on an iPod. Throw a bow on it and it’s suddenly a thoughtful gesture. Jam on.

The Romantic Route: These are your classics—the stuff you see on Hallmark commercials. No woman will ever turn down a bouquet of flowers (especially in the dead of winter) and no man can resist the charms of sweet wonderful processed sugar (chocolate). With this stuff, you can go last minute, but we’d really prefer you plan a little ahead. Nobody wants bodega gifts. Top it off with a little love poem or something and you’re golden.

The Fashion Route: Maybe think of Valentine’s Day as Christmas, part 2. You could go big with some bling—an understated bracelet, a handsome watch, or necklace would certainly do the trick. Otherwise, we’d suggest going for cashmere. Nothing says “I love you” like the feel of soft, warm, buttery sweaters.

The Immaterial Route: Despite the many gift options out there, sometimes things are better left to action. Be bold! Splurge at your favorite restaurant (if you can manage a reservation), order cheap chinese food and expensive champagne, do something subtle that’ll make their day when they least expect it.

The Can’t Fail Route: Honestly, everybody loves puppies.

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