Side by Side: Chelsea Boots

Oct 17, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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Listen up guys, it’s time to get serious about your fall-winter footwear. You can deny it all you want, but soon your sneakers will be shelved for the season. Relax, this gives you the opportunity to upgrade everything in one fell swoop. How? With the chelsea boot, God’s (okay, England’s) gift to stylish guys all over the world.

It was a favorite of the mod crowd in the ’60s, but the chelsea boot actually started as an alternative to traditional riding boots. With the invention of rubber and stretchy material, it suddenly made things much simpler. Though their roots are utilitarian, they pack a style punch like no other. And thankfully, they’re versatile as all hell.

There’s two ways to think about the chelsea boot. The first and more relaxed way is to consider them your everyday go-to. Just picture this: You wake up, slightly “worn” from the night before, you throw on your t-shirt, jeans, maybe a hoodie, an overcoat and hop right into the boots. Yes, it took you less than three minutes to get ready, but the extra polish of the boot makes it publicly acceptable. On the other hand, you can pop them on with your suit and tie, which’ll put you miles ahead of laced up corporate drones at the office.

Kick ‘em around a little, too–consider it an homage to their history.

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