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Nov 21, 2013 by ALDO TEAM
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Power couples come in all shapes and sizes. Introducing Rachael Wang and Daniel Navetta, two super cool people whom met at a friend’s birthday party in Greenpoint and who’s sum as a couple is even greater than its parts. We asked each of them to pick a favourite shoe each out of our fall collection and style it to their taste – but not before telling us a little about themselves. We personally recommend Knee High Boots for her & Double Monk Strap Shoes for him, but what do we know! pin it:)

When Rachael isn’t working as stylist, creative consultant and Fashion Market Director at Nylon Magazine, she’s probably travelling to Nepal or tending her windowsill succulent garden. She describes Daniel’s style as classic with great New York character, full of staples like dark wash jeans and button fronts. For this shoot, Daniel pairs the perfectly distressed pale denim jacket with his signature dark denim, adding a cool graphic element with the horizontal stripes of his buttoned shirt. The hand-brushed brown leather of Mr. B’s HURSTI crepe sole Derby boots grounds the look in a classic, earthy way.

Daniel is Creative Director and founder of ApK, a production firm specialized in multiplatform marketing content, and a part-time sportshead: When not debating the finer points of hip-hop, he plays bastketball and pushes himself to accumulate respectable Nike+ points. He describes Rachael’s style as next-level, walking the line of conceptual and fun. In her look here, she emphasizes the ankle-strap detailing of ALDO’s chunky, tractor-soled block heels with bare legs and a high-waisted black pencil skirt. The pop of her sunny yellow check shirt is right on trend today’s grunge revival.


What’s a day in “Rachael’s work-life” like? 

There is no typical day in my life, but I might do anything from style a Nylon fashion story, visit a designer’s atelier to preview a runway collection, approve a model, consult on a layout, decide on a trend to be covered in a shopping page, recruit a young designer for the NylonShop, Instagram from the #NYLONCLOSET, request handbags for an accessories page, meet with the editor in chief about an upcoming cover story, appear in a NylonTV segment, or host an in-store event.

What’s your go-to shoe silhouette?

I’m on my feet all day running around to appointments, meetings, events and photo shoots, so sensible footwear is incredibly important. I’m all about an ankle bootie or a lace-up with a chunky heel when I’m not cruising around in oxfords or loafers.

The trend you’re sporting this fall? 

Grunge. My flannel shirt collection, much of which has been inherited from Daniel, is enviable.

What’s your Saturday morning routine? 

I’m training for the NY Marathon, so this weekend I have to run 22 miles. Immediately following that I’ll be at The Lodge eating a cheeseburger.

The song that would play during the opening credits of your biopic?

The Dock of the Bay,” by Otis Redding.



What’s the most exciting project you’re currently working on?

I’m excited to be getting back into music in a fresh capacity. I’m fascinated with growing the career of Zumo Kollie and trying to create an inviting space in Greenpoint for hip-hop to be in display. Zumo is a rapper I’ve been friends with for a few years and we finally partnered up to work on the next stages of his career. He has a lot of great new music coming out in the next few months and we’re going to be working with him to get it in front of people. He’ll be on everyone’s radar soon.

Who would you die to meet?

Michael Jordan, because I always identified with how badly he wanted to win. Although he was from another planet in that regard, his intensity for the game drew me in and watching him play is something I think about almost daily. His drive is a conscious motivator for me.

If you could eat anything (anywhere) right now, what would it be?

Sheeesh… honestly, when I was a kid, my brothers, my father, and I would get dirty water hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut from a cart on Graham and Meeker. We’d hang out across the street after Little League games for an hour and lay the spread out on the hood of the car. Sounds awful now, but it looks different in my memory!

The song that would play during the opening credits of your biopic?

Rhymin & Stealin,” by the Beastie Boys. First track on an album that shaped my brain as a kid growing up in Queens.

pin itA Blog His and Hers: Rachael Wang and Daniel Navetta

A Blog His and Hers: Rachael Wang and Daniel Navetta

pin itA Blog His and Hers: Daniel Navetta

A Blog His and Hers: Daniel Navetta

pin itA Blog His and Hers: Rachael Wang

A Blog His and Hers: Rachael Wang

pin itA Blog His and Hers: Rachael Wang and Daniel Navetta

A Blog His and Hers: Rachael Wang and Daniel Navetta

 Photography by Aaron Ritcher

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